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Custom Home Building & Commercial Renovations 
Custom built trusses on site. Garage designed and built on site.Custom three car garage addition.Restaurant & Office work.Custom renovations with no blue prints.
Warehouse demising walls.SobeysKimmer gas plus Hertiage Point.Custom cedar wood work & addition.
Custom design garage no blue prints.  Built and designed onsite.Custom home on acreage.  With new three car garage addition built on site with no blueprints.Custom steel stud framing.Custom steel stud roof framing onsite.
Cedar trusses.Interior office space with fire rated ceilings.Interior offices.Warehouse 32 foot demising walls.
Steel stud framing.Custom Kitchen Renovation.Custom Restaurant work.Interior office space
Warehouse demising walls.Interior offices & Acoustic ceilings.Custom deck work.
Kitchen renovations. Interior offices
Thorne can custom build trusses on sight.
Custom Home Building, Commercial and Home Renovations Division.
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Custom building and Garage building.
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